Event DescriptionEdit

There's a legend in Galgaron that says that an ancient civilization suddenly vanished over night. Over the centuries the story of the sudden disappearance as if they have never existed has become increasingly vague. Many a bard can sing a song about this legend. Countless scholars have spent all their lives to research that part of history. The relics they left behind are many a collector's obsession. By chance, the Rich Businessman Otik got a treasure map but could not find the treasure all by himself. He hopes some warriors will finish the adventure. Of course, great rewards will be granted to the returning heroes. Warriors, hold your weapons, join together with your friends and set out to discover the ancient civilization!

The event can only be played in team mode, regardless if you are in single player or in party mode. After teaming up, the party leader talks to Rich Businessman Otik to enter the instance. There are 10 rooms on the map, each being separated but connected by teleport portals. After entering the room you can see Greedy Ryan. Talk to the NPC and select an option according to the NPC's contidions. The room can be passed after finishing what the NPC asked.

There are three Choices:

  1. The players who meet Greedy Ryan's conditions can pass directly.
  2. Kill all the monsters in the room to activate the teleport portal to the next room.
  3. Submitting 100 Bronze Badge can also activate the teleport portal to the next room.

After passing 8 rooms, Greedy Ryan's request will change. He will ask you to challenge the Boss or the hidden Boss.

  1. Choose to challenge the Boss. After completing the quest, talk to Greedy Ryan to get your rewards.
  2. Choose to enter the hidden Boss's room. After killing the hidden Boss, Ron will show up. Talk to Greedy Ryan to get back to the room before and continue by challenging the Boss. After killing him, you can get your rewards from Greedy Ryan.


The same enemies keep coming back every time you go back into the Maze.

Boss: Flaming LordEdit

Flaming lord


  • Purgatory
  • Stomp
  • Evil Magma


All enemies will drop The Brave's Gold. This is untradable, so make sure everyone gets their share. The Brave's Gold is used to get higher level Skillbooks for upgrading PASSIVE Skills.

Note: GETTING the chest is bugged. After you complete the Maze, you won't get your chest. Instead, you need to go back to the capital and ask it from a Gift Manager. The chest will contain a certain amount of The Brave's Gold as well.

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