• Araslangit7


    December 16, 2012 by Araslangit7

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  • Namshuk27

    Test.. 1, 2, 3.

    August 11, 2012 by Namshuk27

    Yo! So I recently made an account to edit some articles. Stumbles here, and why not? Here's my first blog entry. (mehehehe)

    Eligium. It's a great game I should say. I first learned this game after my high school friend told me to try this out. So I did. And it's awesome! Made my character and quickly understood the interface and such; but the quests are somehow.. hard to cope up with. So I searched in the internet and saw this wiki about Eligium. Found the solution, made an idea in my mind to make an account. And volia! Here's me. I'm currently editing some articles I find in need for information.

    ..of course, what article should I edit first than the class I'm currently using: Le Druid.

    I'm not bias, it's just that I'm still a newbie to the ga…

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  • Imrielle

    Druid Details

    May 11, 2012 by Imrielle

    My main class in Eligium is currently a Druid. A Druid (Summoner) / (Redeemer), specifically. This is, for those not aware, the healer class in Eligium. I chose this class because I always play either a healer in MMO computer games - In Luvinia, I played a Mage (Priest) / (Bishop), in EverQuest 2, I play a Defiler. World of Warcraft? I played a Druid. So naturally, I chose Druid in Eligium.

    I discovered this Wikia when my druid was around level 25 or so. Before making any edits, I poked around and noticed... class and spec quests aren't on here. >.< This is, of course, to be expected as Eligium is fairly new, and so is this Wikia for it.

    Being something of a completionist, I am going to end up making a second Eligium account and making two n…

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  • InquisitorKane

    So, my holiday's week is over and I'm back at work.

    That doesn't mean I finished with Eligium (not yet :-P), there is lots of work to be done. I just won't be able to add as much stuff as I did last week. Another funny thing - I completed my list of monsters, as I reached quite high level and now it is bit hard to fuzz around them, as my little Mage is in grave danger while I'm trying to rewrite monster's attributes and description. And getting killed just for a description... no thanks. Maybe later :-)

    In the end it means, that from now on I will be adding random stuff, as I like it. Or 'As you like it', dear William? :-))

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  • MetalHarpey

    Lazy Bum...

    March 29, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    Yes, yes I know I've become a lazy bum. I'm not much on Eligium, and if I am, I usually got both my characters on Mining or Herbs. I do level my Templar a little, and check here every now and then, so I'm not entirely useless ;-p

    Anyway, I have my preferences set on E-Mail so I get an email whenever someone makes a page or comments on it. If you really need me, leave a message on my wall. That's marked as important so I get notified straight away. Aaaanyway I want to thank InquisitorKane for his hard work and hopefully he and I can flourish the wikia again!

    Well thats about it what I wanted to share.. Later ^.^

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  • InquisitorKane

    I play this game just for few days but I like it and I think this Wikia project is very interesting, as well as helpful for the other players. I decided to help a bit...

    Right now I'm working mostly on monsters - names, locations, MP, HP, type of monster, type of attack, picture... unfortunately I don't remember which quests are they related to so feel free to add it to my posts and as for drops - it's never the same: once you get gold, another time item... so I don't put it in there. Maybe if ther eis a chance for some rare item, it'll be nice to have it mentioned. Again feel free to update it, please.

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  • MetalHarpey

    Official Open Beta Time

    February 14, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    Hi there,

    For all you people wondering, when OB is going live... It will be 16:00 (4pm) CET/GMT+1. This is the German timezone, where Frogster is located. As for now there's no new client available just yet, with less then 17 hours to go. If you're not sure how long to OB it's gonna take, check this website someone on the forums made. It shows how many hours/mins/sec it will take :)

    So... What will you do? Wait for OB so you can rush on and play, or are you busy and have to start the next day?

    And, what will you do first when you get to OB? Gather information or AFK grind? Or try to level and quest all you can? Don't forget to make screenshots in that case! :) We would love some screenshots on all available quests. Just upload your screenshot …

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  • MetalHarpey

    Good News - Open Beta

    February 7, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    For those who didn't notice yet from the wikia homepage, Eligium homepage, or email (yes you received an email as CB player), Open Beta starts Februari 15! Yeahhh! And they've also announced they have listened to us, and included customisations!!

    Here's a treat if you had not seen it yet:

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  • MetalHarpey

    Wikia Guild?

    January 30, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    Okay, hey guys :)

    First of all i wanna thank all of you who worked on the wikia. Of course its not nearly complete yet, but we're getting closer and closer :D When open beta starts the real works begins of corse. I, for one, will be mining and gathering herbs alot while editing this wikia. I might not get to a high level fast, but hey maybe one of you guys can do that :)

    Anyways... I made this blog post because I've heard alot about the OB discussions, and it seems the creators of Eligium found a date for OB. They're just not telling yet. On their facebook they added a picture of a panda with 1 finger up. Speculations are made of course, everyone thinks it will be in one week. But dont get your hopes up yet! We know they expanded the CB date…

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  • Reioni

    So the closed beta ended. Do not fear theres lots yet to do on the Wikia. I just added a Photo gallery and I'll try to keep my eyes on it. I love Fan-Art but I asked they not be included. Maybe later one can be added specificly for Fan-Art. But we all know Fan-Art can go horibly wrong, not to say, a learning artist shouldn't have an outlet. However my daughter makes pictures of things on Eligium. There cute for 10 year old with crayons, but I personally wouldn't post it for others to flame... So yea lots to think about if we would even open that can of worms.

    Just read Metals blog woot on maybe getting into the stickys on forums. I personally work more on the druid page. Well thats because I know ALMOST NOTHING about the other races/classes…

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  • MetalHarpey


    January 23, 2012 by MetalHarpey

    Okay, so I've been messing around with the lay-outs, adding and removing stuff. I'd like to hear if you guys like it, or maybe don't like it at all... *sadface*

    Also, from now on I'll be marking incomplete pages as "Stubs". If you wanna help out completing these pages, that would be awesome. They're located in the Stubs Category. Okay so... If the edited page is complete with information, I remove the Stub mark and it will be a full worthy page to look at. Yay!

    I know the mainpage is a bit messed up and pretty empty/incomplete. I'll be working on it for the next few days (or even weeks, idk..). Also I'm happy to announce we have a FaceBook page!!! Go LIKE IT!!! We might also become a Sticky at the Official Eligium Forums!! Hell yea. Communit…

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