Normal Mode:

  • Level required: Lv. 28+
  • Training Points Gained: 1
  • Event Points Needed: 100

Legendary Mode:

  • Level Required: Lv. 31+ (for leader)
  • Training Points Gained: Depends on level.
  • Event Points Needed: None.


The Ghost Fighter has sent his mirror image to the capital to spy on the humans' every move. The Skeleton Warriors have recieved the signal to climb the City wall.


Skeleton Warriors will climb up the walls, and you will need to kill them. There are also Defence Guards who will help you until they die. After killing 30 ordinary Skeleton Warriors, Elite Skeleton Warriors will spawn. After killing another 60 monsters, Promenade of Ghost Fighter will show himself.

Boss: Promenade of Ghost FighterEdit

  • Promenade of ghost fighter
    Level 31 in Normal
  • +2 Levels higher then the highest Level in your team.


  • Slam
  • Curse of Pain
  • Soul Absorb (large tornado hitting everyone nearby)

Tip: Try to save as many Defence Guards as you can, and lead the Promenade of Ghost Fighter through the remaining ones. This will give you extra man-power, and sometimes he will focus them instead of your tank (gives your healer a breather).

Possible RewardsEdit

Normal Mode:

Legendary Mode:

(the Hero Treasure can only be obtained when you earn over 3500 points in Legendary Mode.)

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