Where to findEdit

Daily Achievements Minimap

Click on the icon on the minimap (the number shows the day of the month) or press "V" to get to the Daily Achievements Window.

Daily AchievementsEdit

Every day you will get a new set of Daily Achievements. If you do your best to complete these, you will be rewarded with Soul Points, Exp, Knowledge, Prestige and Achievement Points.

Daily Achievements you'll keep seeing are such as buy/sell an amount of weapons/armor, Finish Normal Mission, Say hello to a certain NPC.

  • Max. Daily Achievement Points: 28.

Weekly AchievementsEdit

As you can guess, this works exactly the same as Daily Achievements. However there's one diffrence: Daily Achievements are randomly changed daily (everyone gets diffrent ones), and Weekly Achievements get randomly changed weekly.

The ony Weekly Achievements that keep coming back are such as sell an amount of a certain weapon, Defeat Leader, Socket Gem, and use/buy a certain potion x 100.

  • Max. Weekly Achievement Points: 177.

The total of Achievement Points you can get in one week, when completing EVERY Achievement, is 373.

Achievement PointsEdit

When you open your Daily Achievements window, with (V), you will see your current Daily Achievements, Achievement Points, Title, Achievement Points for next level and the Title for the next level. Each title you earn this way, will give you an extra set of stats as a bonus.


  • 50 Points - Magic World Squire - Effect: Max. HP +50, Max. Mana +50.
  • 250 Points - Magic World Knight - Effect: Max. HP +100, Max. Mana +100.
  • 1250 Points - Magic World Baron - Effect: Max. HP +200, Max. Mana +200.
  • 6250 Points - Magic World Marquis - Effect: Max. to be updated soon....

Daily RaffleEdit

Everyday (except for the day you start playing) you will see a window pop up before you can play. This is the Daily Raffle. Every day you get a free spin on the wheel to get a nice prize!

Only players within Lv10 - 40 can take part in the draw.


  • Rejuvenation Potion (small)
  • Mana Spring (small)
  • Blue Weapon Reset Stone (Lv2)
  • Junior trinkets Material
  • Junior Soul Pack
  • Restoration Oil
  • Blue Armor Reset Stone (Lv2)
  • Low-energy Charging Stone
  • World Speaking Token
  • Mysterious Item
  • Blue trinkets Reset Stone (Lv2)
  • Lucky Package

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