The demons' evil aura cannot be purged from the Dusk Temple as the temple is occupied by rebels and its witches have been sealed. The aura of resentfulness and evil attracts wraiths. After dusk, these angered souls show up and cause disturbances. Go to see the witches and try to find the root of the problem.

How to playEdit

If you are a single player and a cybercafe VIP, you will be teleported to the dusk gap trought the Wtich Shade. Slay monsters on the way until you reach the Boss on the first platform. Move forward after killing him. You will meet four elite undead monsters. Then challenge the second Boss, the Berserker Kalos. Defeat him and reach the final stage. Elite Soul Hunters will show up there. After killing them, the final boss Ulysses the Fallen will appear. Kill him to save the witches. Talk to them to receive rewards and be teleported back to the capital.


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Boss: UlyssesEdit



After gathering a certain number of Feathers of the Fallen (untradable), you can exchange them at the witches' place for Gold Elite equpment or Mount Eggs (Lv.30-70).

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