Normal Mode

  • Level required: Lv.40 or above
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points: Depends on level

Legendary Mode

  • Level required: Lv.43 or above for Party Leader
  • Event Points Cost: 0
  • Training Points: Depends on level


Kusa used to be just a common, albeit strong zombie when the Ghost Fighter Soleth found him and infued him with even more power, making him the Zombie King to rule over all the undead creatures inside the Skeleton Cavern. Kusa soon realized how powerful the Ghost Fighter was but kept his loyalty to him as his power increased. But still, Kusa's ambition grew and he planned to control an even bigger territory. This way, the innocent villagers living near the Skeleton Cave became his prey...

How to playEdit

After entering the instance, you will see Spirit Maker. After talking to him, you will be disguised. According to the tips, get to the first treasure chest to open 2 Holy Water (Zombie Shields that can dispel the Undead Mage Kusa).

According to the tips, go to the second treasure chest. Open it and get Exorcism Key. Bring the Soul Unlocking Key to the third chest and open it to get Devil Soul Stone. Then use the Demon Soul Stone to activate Demonseal Dragon Statue. Eventually, you can challenge Kusa.


When disguised, you won't be attacked by any of the monsters in the cave. You can just run past them and leave them be. After opening the second chest, however your disguise will wore off and you're back to yourself. When your disguise has ended, the mobs wills start attacking you. To get to the third chest, you will have to kill your way trough the ghosts to get there. DO NOT ATTACK THE ZOMBIES!!! They will wipe out your team instantly.

Also when battleing the boss, you will have to beat up the Demonseal Dragon Statue at some point to kill Kusa.

Note: After opening every chest, an Elite monster will appear. You need to kill it within 2 minutes, or your disguise falls off!!! DO NOT OPEN IT WITHOUT YOUR TEAMMATES NEARBY!!! Also, from the first chest you get a certain shield item. Let your TANK open it!!! It will help him/her alot in the Boss battle.

Boss: KusaEdit

Giant walking dead Dab


  • Zombie Corrosion
  • Sky of Death

Possible RewardsEdit

Normal Mode

Legendary Mode

(the Zombie's Treasure can only be obtained when you get more then 8600 points in Legendary mode).

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