• Event NPC: Emerald Goddess Statue
  • Starting Map: Emerald Cave Lv1
  • Party Dungeon
  • Once a Day

Normal Mode

  • Level Requirement: Lv44 or above
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points Cost:

Legendary Mode

  • Level Requirement:
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points Cost:


The Ore Cavern is a magnificent natural cave. Its walls reflections' overall tone is of a soft jade green. Inside, a natural artar is hidden, built by an unknown force and connected with the air element boundaries. In the past, Elves frequently came here to contact Thunder Elementals. However, a great number of Drow recently overran this place. Some have even built their own strongholds nearby. The Drow are holding the position and waiting to set out to conquer Elven City.

How to PlayEdit

After entering the instance, fight your way to Emerald and get Ray of Darkness. Then use Emerald Powder to destroy the 4 dark powers. Eventually, you can challenge the Drow Spider Queen Burjhana.


Comingsoon en

Boss: Drow Spider Queen BurjhanaEdit


  • ...


Normal Mode

Legendary Mode

(the Dark Treasure can only be obtained when you get more then 135.000 points in Legendary Mode).

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