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Beginning of the Open Beta phase!

Standard Teaser 05

posted by: Nocte

Death and misery. Such has been our dark fate too long now endured. We fled the land of our forebears to seek shelter on these shores. Thus far, steel and sweat have served us well, but they will not suffice in the dawn of this new assault. Heed me, countrymen, comrades in arms, blood of my blood, we shall not relinquish one inch. We shall fight in the fields where we played as children, on the beaches we once saw with promise, in the misty vales where we first settled, even in the streets of our cities. We shall never surrender!

On this glorious day, we are proud to announce that the open beta has successfully been launched. As you read these words, countless brave warriors, hunters, monks, mages and druids are engaging the enemy, fighting for their very survival and making decisions which will directly affect the future of Sanctia, Honorhold and the continent of Galgaron at large. Don your armour and draw your weapon as you follow your courage and leap headfirst into the fray!

Participating in this world-shaking conflict is now easier than ever! Simply register on the Eligium website with your email address, and download the client. Within moments, you will be able to join your comrades on the front line in this epic free-to-play gaming experience.

May the gods be with you!

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