Normal Mode

  • Level requirement: lv.50 or above
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points:

Legendary Mode

  • Level requirement:
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points:


Karran Forest is a place where the goblins live, creatures who were once expelled by the humans. They since then hold a grudge against the humans and now coörperate with the demons, trying to destroy any peaceful lands by combining their advanced technology with the demons' raw strength. You know that the goblins are planning some action, so you thoroughly investigate the place. To prevent the magic Mechanical Lizard created by the goblins from destroying the world, all warriors shall fight!

How to PlayEdit

1. After you have entered the instance, there will be three groups of goblin soldiers in front of you. Every time a group gets killed, an elite monster will appear. After all 3 elite monsters have been killed, a white beam of light will appear on the skeleton cross. The skeleton cross can then be clicked and dragged under the suspension bridge. After crossing the bridge, obtain the powder barrel by killing the winged insects. Then, following the hints on the ring, obtain the Frost Energy Stone by finding and killing the elite guardian. Next, according to the hints on the small map, obtain the Fire Energy Stone by finding and killing the Shaman Monrill.

2. Using the powder barrel to bomb the gate, you can get straight into the lair of the Goblin Scientist, who is just starting to program the Heartless into reckless destruction mode. You have to defeat him as soon as possible to get the Shadow Energy Stone and then go to find the Heartless. Depending on the order the Energy Stones wil be socketed, Tadamo the Heartless will operate in various modes. After the Heartless' program is started, you can begin challenging him.


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Boss: Tadamo the HeartlessEdit


  • ...


Normal Mode

Legendary Mode

(the Rena's Treasure can only be obtained when you get more then 31.850 points in Legendary Mode).

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