Money talks! You can come here to exchange many unexpected items with me.



Soul PointsEdit

  • First Exchange: 10,000 Gold for 500 Soul Points
  • Second Exchange: 15,000 Gold for 500 Soul Points


  • First Exchange: 10,000 Gold for 500 Knowledge
  • Second Exchange: 15,000 Gold for 500 Knowledge

Equipment ExperienceEdit

For each exchange your equipment XP increases to 100%. If you exchange repeatedly, the required gold increases by 5,000. No matter what equipment you select to exchange for, it will add up the total number of exchanges. The gold cost starts at 10,000 Gold. The items selectable are Weapon, Off-Hand, Shoulders, Body, Belt, Handguards, Trousers and Boots.

Ticket to Seven PrimordialsEdit

Greedy merchant says: You can get the following tickets in Boss treasure chests found in the Ancient Sealing Circle of multiplayer instances!

Note: Hopefully someone knows what hes talking about, since I do not.

putang ina nito

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