Salbelly is the Instructor of Profession Skills. You will go to her alot. Either to buy stuff you need, such as flower seeds, or materials.

Here you can also buy the skill books, wich you need to learn any Profession at all. Most cheap, one expensive.

Here you also buy your first Mining Pick and Herb Sickle.


Flower SeedsEdit

Level Name Cost
Lv.1 Seed of Gem Mushroom 200 Coins
Lv.2 Seedling of Chikorita 400 Coins
Lv.3 Seedling of Tajik Flower 800 Coins
Lv.4 Seed of Cactus 1200 Coins
Lv.5 Seed of Fairy Tale 2000 Coins
Lv.6 Seedling of Rose 3000 Coins
Lv.7 Seedling of Kaffir Lily 4500 Coins