You can buy the Skillbooks you need at the mentor of your own Class.

There you can also upgrade your skills to a higher lvl, for a certain amount of Soul Points and gold after your skill reach lvl 5.Next levels are novice, advanced, senior and last is expert.


Required Level Fire Mage Ice Mage Cost of Skillbook
1 Fireball Fireball 50
4 Storm Punch Storm Punch 100
8 Frost Armor Frost Armor 200
12 Burning Soil Burning Soil 400
15 Flamestrike Ice Halberd 800
15 Enhanced Fireball Enhanced Frost Armor 1,440
18 Mana Spring Cone of Cold 1,920
21 Pyroblast Blink 2,400
21 Enhanced Searing Soil Enhanced Ice Halberd 2,400
24 Sleep Ice Coffin 3,600
27 Scorch Ice Shatter 6,000
30 Fire Nova Frost Nova 8,400
33 Fire Blast Darkfrost Bolt 10,000
33 Enhanced Mana Spring Enhanced Blink 10,000


Kindling Ward of Ice 20,000
40 Molten Armor Ice Armor 40,000
40 Enhanced Scorch Enhanced Ice Shatter 40,000
43 Spell Reflection Remove Curse 80,000
47 Great Fireball Frost Spear 160,000
50 Flame Shield Ice Floes 320,000
55 Hell Fire Absolute Zero 640,000
65 Rain of Fire Summon Frostwyrm 1,280,000
60 Fire Mastery Ice Mastery 2,560,000

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