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  • Level requirement: 10
  • Solo Event
  • All Day
  • Event NPC: Bartender-Cammei in Sanctia
  • Event Points Cost: 0
  • Training Points: No

Lucky MatchEdit

Lucky match
Click a cube and any of its neighboring cubes to switch their places. When 3 or more cubes of the same color are in a vertical or horizontal line, they will be eliminated.

You get a certain amount of points once the golden item touches the ground layer. Cubes containing diamonds yield a certain bonus.

When time is up or the golden item reaches the top, the game is over.

Legend of CharmsEdit

Rune legend
Select three cubes that you want to remove. Drag the cube to make three or more cubes of the same type stay in a vertical or horizontal line.

The connected cubes will be eliminated and give diffrent effects, which can cause damage to the opponent, increasing your own attack or defense, or restore health. The game is over as soon as the first cube's points reach zero.

Tip: You can also play this game versus other players. Right-click on their profile and select "wendouing".

Possible RewardsEdit

Rewards are randomly given out. Usually you get an amount of World Speaking Token after every round.

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