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1200x650 Pyro

How to ObtainEdit

Once you hit level 20 a little square box with an exclamation mark will slide to the middle of your screen just above your skillbar. Click the box and it should show a quest called [Tips][The Egg of the Pet]. Accept then quest and autoroute yourself to the NPC in town.

Talk with the NPC Pet Keeper to complete the [Tips]The Egg of the Pet quest. Talk to him again and there is going to be another quest called [Side]Oh! My Pet. Accept it and complete!

You will need no materials to get the egg!
Please grow up mount

You will now have this little egg in your inventory called: Beginner Mount-Light(Egg).

Right click it to equip it. It takes 45 minutes to breed your egg. When it hatches, you will get Beginner Mount-Light(the immature). You can't ride your mount yet, it's still a baby. First you have to feed him twice with 5x Senior Magic Powder to grow to mature.

Beginner mount


Every mount comes with its own nature. The Pyro comes with:

  • Heavenly Spirit
    Chance to reduce Physical damage done to you when your HP is below 50%.

You can always change the Nature of your mount, with Nature Scrolls.



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