The invasion of the demonic powers has even influenced the Goddess of Love. Despite having divine powers, she can do nothing against the demons. Of all the demons, Kassandra, a demonic creature both male and female, envies the Goddess the most. A lot of allies have been victims of this envy. The Goddess of Love wants to rally her believers and help us all... You need to get through 3 stages to finish the event.

Stage 1: The Happy CoupleEdit

In this stage, the female players are sealed and immobilized. The male players have to kill all the Cloud Elves to free the female players. With every killed Cloud Elf, there is a chance of dropping Aphrodite's Blessing, which can be exchanged for Norma's Set!

Stage 2: Connected HeartsEdit

Players take three tests from the Goddess of Love. Each test is a small memory quiz. To pass the stage, at least two players need to pass the test.

  1. Memorize 2 lights
  2. Memorize 3 lights
  3. Memorize 5 lights

Light test

Stage 3: Love Gives WingsEdit

After passing Stage 2, the players will be sent to Kassandra. There are four stages in killing it.

  • 1. Both male and female players challenge it together.
  • 2. Male players challenge it.
  • 3. Female players challenge it.
  • 4. Both male and female players kill it.

You have to kill Kassandra to complete this quest! Victory awaits you!


Comingsoon en

Boss: KassandraEdit

Possible RewardsEdit

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