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After failing to attack the city, the Ghost Fighter retreated to the plains outside of the town and had battled there. His strategy of ambushes caused great casualties. Seigneur Clyde heard that and planned to reward those who rescued wounded soldiers. The more soldiers you rescue, the higher rewards you will get. Now go and rescue them...


After entering the instance, you can receive the quest from Muse, the battle officer. Find wounded soldiers and use the healing potions, which can be dropped from monsters, to cure them. Heal 50 people to get rewards from Muse.


Raid beast
On plain sight it seems you only have to kill Sharp Claw beasts. However after killing a group of them, a more dangerous monsters spawns.

In this instance, you keep killing Sharp Claw beasts and the more dangerous one. Untill the boss spawns.

Purple mob


  • ...?

Tip: Don't fight the boss on-spot. This boss is a magic damage based boss, wich deals alot of damage. A group with 2 healers is the best for this Dungeon, for if you die and res you will end up outside. KEEP YOUR HEALERS ALIVE!!!

Possible RewardsEdit

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