• Event NPC: Portal**
  • Starting Map: Cavern of Lamentations
  • Party Dungeon
  • Once a Day

Normal Mode

  • Level requirement: lv.48 or above
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points:

Legendary Mode

  • Level requirement:
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points:


The slumbering heroes underground were woken by the invading demons. They forgot the glories they used to bear, and now are only possessed by thoughts of killing and destruction. Soreid is one of the awoken heroes. With new power, he is now known as Ghost Fighter, a tool of Dark Lord to conquer the continent. Soreid finds himself and his soldiers are sealed in the tomb. To get his freedom, he tries his best to find a way out...

How to PlayEdit

1. By defeating Death Wild - Elite, you will get Torch. Then use it to burn Evil Cobweb to keep proceeding.

2. Walk to Saint Mage (coördinate: 147,44) and help him according to the requests. First, kill Weeping Ghost Marksman - Elite. Saint Mage will help the player restore the boundary light around the confin. Second, kill 15 Skull Guard and 15 Skull Bowman. Third; Ghost Guard?Toma and Ghost Marksman?Sareid give Spark Wand and Magic Book. Then give them back to Saint Mage and exchange for 2 Orb of Soul. Soul Sphere can activate the other 2 boundary lights near the confin. After activating the conin, the player can challenge Ghost Fighter?Soreid.


Comingsoon en

Boss: Ghost Fighter?SoreidEdit


  • ...


Normal Mode

Legendary Mode

(the Rena's Treasure can only be obtained when you get more then 24.820 points in Legendary Mode).

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