Seed 1
Right-click the seed in your bag and observe the change in the appearance of the mouse cursor. Then you just need to click it with the left mouse button on some ground which is suitable for planting, in either the Flaming Plains or the Starmoon Plains, and the planting is done.

Tip: You buy them seperate, but they can stack. Click "Organize" in your Inventory. You can plant up to 4 seeds at one time.


After it growing Mature, you can harvest your seed. This seed gives you 20x Gem Mushroom if you harvest it right away. The longer you wait with harvesting, the less Gem Mushroom you will get.

Seedling Growth Mature
Mushroom1 Mushroom2 Mushroom3
Takes 1 minute. Takes 1 minute.

Ready to Harvest

After Maturing, your plants can be stolen. You have 1 minute to harvest them, after that, other people can steal. If you dont harvest your plants, or does someone else, your plants will be recycled and re-live the entire cycle again.

Get FromEdit

This seed costs 200G each.

Glorious EmpireEdit

Holy KingdomEdit

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