The Ancient Forest, the origin of the Elven civilization, was the homeland of the Elves for tens of thousands of years. It also hosts the Temple of Nature where the Soul Enforcer Rena lives. As the years passed, the Elves moved from the Ancient Forest to the Elven City. The forest is no longer peaceful, smothered by pollution and filled with horrible plants. It became a land of terror.

The Elves have finally found the root of the problem: Drow, the traitor of the Elves, has used his evil power to defile the woods. Thousands of trees have been mutilated. Worst of all, Rena believes that it were the Elves who have caused this. This way Soul Enforcer Rena has lost all her peacefulness and sensibility, which all turned into blind anger. She is going to revenge on Elven City.

You can enter the instance through the Elven City Memory Teleport Man-Liana. After entering the instance, you become the Soul Enforcer Rena and get her four skills:

  • Wilt (doesn't show, bugg?)
  • Pshychic Scream
  • Berserk
  • Destructive Explosion

Your own skills cannot be used at that time.

Skills in DetailsEdit

Destructive explosive Destructive ExplosionEdit

[Area Ranged] Slows the target's movement for 5.0 seconds while the bombs explode.

  • Cooldown: 3.8 seconds
  • Attack range: 25
  • Magic consumed: 1
  • Skill Attibute:
  • Effect time: 5.0 second

Psychic scream Physic ScreamEdit

[Single Debuff] Causes fear in the target for 6.0 seconds. This effect can be removed.

  • Cooldown: 11.3 seconds
  • Attack range: 20
  • Magic consumed: 1
  • Skill Damage: 400-701
  • Skill Attribute:
  • Effect time: 6.0 seconds

Berserk BerserkEdit

[Single Buff] Increases your movement speed and attack speed by 50%.

  • Cooldown: 11.3 seconds
  • Attack range: 1
  • Magic consumed: 1
  • Skill Attribute:
  • Effect time: 30.0 seconds


There are small groups of enemies waiting for you everytime you get further.


Every enemy gives you 5 Soul Points.

Pixie hegel
After a certain point, you will meet a fairy NPC. If you talk to her, she tells you she wants some sort of moss. You can get the moss off the green mushrooms. Gather 3 and go back to her. She will give you an extra buff on your way.

Then after a while you will meet a tree, he asks you to find his friends who are sleeping. If you open the map you find 5 circled areas in blue. They appear randomly so you'll have to check them all. If you find 2, the game will tell you you can go back to the first tree. He gives you ????

Then you will encounter the first boss. Nothing special happens after that, you just beat your way through mobs to the second and last boss. Defeat him and you finish the dungeon.

Boss: Iron Guard DeiraEdit

Iron guard deira


  • ...

Boss: Drow Lord EssiathEdit

Drow lord essiath


  • ...

Possible RewardsEdit

  • Gold
  • Exp
  • Training Point
  • Soul

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