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Summon dark minion Summon Dark MinionEdit

Skill of the Summoner Druid


Dark Genii

Tips: To control the target of the pet right-click on pet portrait and when you get a wand shaped cursor left click on target.

General ValuesEdit

[Summoning Skill]

Summons a Dark Minion to assist the summoner in combat. The pet's maximum level can increase with improved skills, but player can only have one Dark Minion or Hell Ape. The pet will counterattack any target who attacks the summoner.

  • Skill attribute: Divine

Level pet Lv* Cooldown** MP consumed class req. proficiency req.
Lv 1 -2 637 15 -
Lv 2 -2 282.0 628 15 30
Lv 3 -1 262.0 620 20 50
Lv 4 -1 242.0 615 70
Lv 5 0 222.0 610 30 90
Novice 1 - -
Advanced 2 - -
Senior 2 141.3 671 - -
Expert 121.3 697 - -

*compared to you
**without a weapon equipped

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