• Event NPC: Secret Stone
  • Starting Map: Temple of Nature Lv2
  • Party Dungeon
  • Once a Day

Normal Mode

  • Level requirement: lv.46 or above
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points:

Legendary Mode

  • Level requirement:
  • Event Points Cost:
  • Training Points:


The Ancient Forest is not as peaceful as it was before. Soul Enforcer Rena is trying to hold her anger but does not know for how long she can contain it. The source of the destruction of the forest, blessed by the Goddess of Nature, are the Drow, cousins of the Elves and honorless traitors. They have been contaminating the roots of the forest's trees for hundreds of years. The trees are now transformed and mutated. It's the Drow's revenge. Warriors, you must investigate what's going on there!

How to Play

1. After entering the instance, put the first Statue of Goddess of Nature to the first Rena ground-tint to unlock the Rena Shield on the Mystic Land Lurker (the effect of high physical and magical damage is on). Then go to the second Rena ground-tint to unlock Reflection Aura on the Mystic Land Lurker (the effect of reflecting physical and magical damage is on).

2. Get to the big tree and receive the Goddess's blessing at Statue of Goddess of Nature (coördinates: 198,87)(getting more HP). Later, reach Mixing Element - Elite and get Holy Essence from the treasure chest. Use the Blessed Essence to activate Blessing Crystal near the big tree (If you do not infuse the Blessed Crystal with the Blessed Essence, Soul Enforcer Rena will Rage for 3 times).

After finishing 3 Cursed Column Crystal Tower appears Soul Punisher?Rena.


Comingsoon en

Boss: Soul Punisher?RenaEdit


  • ...


Normal Mode

Legendary Mode

(the Rena's Treasure can only be obtained when you get more then 175.500 points in Legendary Mode).

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