• Imrielle

    Druid Details

    May 11, 2012 by Imrielle

    My main class in Eligium is currently a Druid. A Druid (Summoner) / (Redeemer), specifically. This is, for those not aware, the healer class in Eligium. I chose this class because I always play either a healer in MMO computer games - In Luvinia, I played a Mage (Priest) / (Bishop), in EverQuest 2, I play a Defiler. World of Warcraft? I played a Druid. So naturally, I chose Druid in Eligium.

    I discovered this Wikia when my druid was around level 25 or so. Before making any edits, I poked around and noticed... class and spec quests aren't on here. >.< This is, of course, to be expected as Eligium is fairly new, and so is this Wikia for it.

    Being something of a completionist, I am going to end up making a second Eligium account and making two n…

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