My main class in Eligium is currently a Druid. A Druid (Summoner) / (Redeemer), specifically. This is, for those not aware, the healer class in Eligium. I chose this class because I always play either a healer in MMO computer games - In Luvinia, I played a Mage (Priest) / (Bishop), in EverQuest 2, I play a Defiler. World of Warcraft? I played a Druid. So naturally, I chose Druid in Eligium.

I discovered this Wikia when my druid was around level 25 or so. Before making any edits, I poked around and noticed... class and spec quests aren't on here. >.< This is, of course, to be expected as Eligium is fairly new, and so is this Wikia for it.

Being something of a completionist, I am going to end up making a second Eligium account and making two new Druids. Why?

So that all of the Druid quest info is here, for both the Summoner and the Illusionist. This is going to take some time, though, so hopefully someone will beat me to it. :D

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