Hi there,

For all you people wondering, when OB is going live... It will be 16:00 (4pm) CET/GMT+1. This is the German timezone, where Frogster is located. As for now there's no new client available just yet, with less then 17 hours to go. If you're not sure how long to OB it's gonna take, check this website someone on the forums made. It shows how many hours/mins/sec it will take :)

So... What will you do? Wait for OB so you can rush on and play, or are you busy and have to start the next day?

And, what will you do first when you get to OB? Gather information or AFK grind? Or try to level and quest all you can? Don't forget to make screenshots in that case! :) We would love some screenshots on all available quests. Just upload your screenshot to the wikia,,, or any other picture upload website. Then I will pick out the part we need and upload it here. Simple as that~! Or you can upload the selection we need yourself, just check out a Quest page to see wich part we need.

To everyone who's eager to put information they found, on the wikia: Feel free to create a page where you put it all on, so our Admins can distribute it to the pages it's needed. Or edit a page you have information for. It's okay if you do something wrong, we can always fix it. Don't worry, you cant remove a page either, unless you're an Admin yourself.

I eagerly await all your edits and creations, and I hope our wikia may flourish! I, myself, will probably spend alot of time herb collecting/gathering ores, because I'll have my hands full here! :D But no worries, I love it!

Have fun, and see you in-game!

~ MetalHarpey 22:26, February 14, 2012 (UTC)

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