Okay, hey guys :)

First of all i wanna thank all of you who worked on the wikia. Of course its not nearly complete yet, but we're getting closer and closer :D When open beta starts the real works begins of corse. I, for one, will be mining and gathering herbs alot while editing this wikia. I might not get to a high level fast, but hey maybe one of you guys can do that :)

Anyways... I made this blog post because I've heard alot about the OB discussions, and it seems the creators of Eligium found a date for OB. They're just not telling yet. On their facebook they added a picture of a panda with 1 finger up. Speculations are made of course, everyone thinks it will be in one week. But dont get your hopes up yet! We know they expanded the CB date, so why not get us all fired up and expand the OB date as well? Okay, that's my own speculation. Anyway, keep an eye on their Facebook and we might figure out when it's gonna be.

Then, I would like to discuss something that has been on their forums alot. A LOT! I'm telling you its all over them. Anyway, I would like to start a Wikia Guild on the Open Beta when we can. Of course I can't do it by myself, so I'd like to hear your opinion about this. You are all wikia contributors and I know you like to do it, because else you wouldn't be doing it! So yea... Please let me know if any of you is interested!!! My idea would be to get more people to help us with the wikia that way, as well, but of corse the ones working the hardest.... Promoting you to a higher rank in the guild etc. etc. etc.

I already know wich classes I'll be playing. For one, the healing druid, because in CB it seemed alot of people were asking for it. As well as they were asking for a TANK. So I'll be walking both those routes if still possible. One of them will be named Metalharpey (of corse :D), probably the Druid. I don't think I'll walk the Chi Panda road again, it was pretty hard to keep it on auto with the chi bumps, and it didn't do as much dmg as i had hoped for in the first place. Maybe the Drunken Panda road is diffrent, I dunno. All I know is that it has more AOE, wich would be nice. Third class I'll be playing? Most likely a Hunter... It's solo performances are just awesome. As is the mage, but I still think a Hunter would be best solo :)

Aaaaaanyway I was talking about making a guild, and I'd like you guys' opinion on this.

MetalHarpey 12:54, January 30, 2012 (UTC)

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