• Namshuk27

    Test.. 1, 2, 3.

    August 11, 2012 by Namshuk27

    Yo! So I recently made an account to edit some articles. Stumbles here, and why not? Here's my first blog entry. (mehehehe)

    Eligium. It's a great game I should say. I first learned this game after my high school friend told me to try this out. So I did. And it's awesome! Made my character and quickly understood the interface and such; but the quests are somehow.. hard to cope up with. So I searched in the internet and saw this wiki about Eligium. Found the solution, made an idea in my mind to make an account. And volia! Here's me. I'm currently editing some articles I find in need for information.

    ..of course, what article should I edit first than the class I'm currently using: Le Druid.

    I'm not bias, it's just that I'm still a newbie to the ga…

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