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  • I live in Maine, USA
  • I was born on December 4
  • I am Female
  • Reioni

    So the closed beta ended. Do not fear theres lots yet to do on the Wikia. I just added a Photo gallery and I'll try to keep my eyes on it. I love Fan-Art but I asked they not be included. Maybe later one can be added specificly for Fan-Art. But we all know Fan-Art can go horibly wrong, not to say, a learning artist shouldn't have an outlet. However my daughter makes pictures of things on Eligium. There cute for 10 year old with crayons, but I personally wouldn't post it for others to flame... So yea lots to think about if we would even open that can of worms.

    Just read Metals blog woot on maybe getting into the stickys on forums. I personally work more on the druid page. Well thats because I know ALMOST NOTHING about the other races/classes…

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